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DesolderingGlamourA tool is any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Informally the word is also used to describe a procedure or process with a specific purpose. Tool use by humans dates back millions of years, and other animals are also known to employ simple tools.

Circuit Board Clamping Kit

Circuit Board Clamping Kit
Perfect helper to clamp a circuit board
Retractable shelf and adjustment knobs to suit various board sizes
Holder freely 360 a....More

Test Lead Set - HV Guarded Tip Cat III

Safety meter probe sets Rated Cat III/1KV/10A.
Right Angle Safety Banana Plug on meter ends with 20mm insertion depth.
1-3/8 Guarded tip on probe end.
CE Listed.

BNC Female to Banana Female

Female BNC connector on one end, Double female banana binding posts on the other end.
Size: 2.14"L x 1.8"W
Color: Black
-More Info

BNC Female 7" Lead Wires

BNC Female connector connecting 20AWG lead wires.
2 lead wires: 1 Black, 1 Red
Wire gauge: 20 AWG
Length: 7"-More Info

Crimping Tool: 0.1-1.0 mm Capacity, 16-28 AWG

This crimping tool can be used to crimp both male and female versions of our Tamiya connector crimp pins, mini Tamiya connector crimp pins, JST connector crimp pins, JR crimp pins,....More


New elastic wrist strap with 1Mohm resistor and 30" collapsed coil cord. Standard banana plug on cord to attach to work station or equipment. Includes a alligator clip that attache....More

Flux Brush

Length: 6"
Width: 7/16"
Metal handle Used for application of reactive solvents-More Info

IC Extractor DIP Tool

DIP IC EXTRACTOR TOOL Able to extract DIP through-hole ICs of all kinds. Take the hassle out of extracting tight through-hole components by hand.-More Info


PLCC IC Extractor Tool Easy and Safe removal of 18 to 124-lead PLCC devices from sockets. Spring Assisted -More Info

Micro 5in Flush Cutters

5 in ch Flush Cut off Tool. Great for trimming through hole component leads after soldering.-More Info

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