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– metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor  is a type of transistor used for amplifying or switching electronic signals.  The MOSFET is by far the most common transistor in both digital and analog circuits, though the bipolar junction transistor was at one time much more common.

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IRC840PBFIRC840PBF - N-CH 500v 8A TO-220-523
IRF450IRF450 - N-CH 500v 12A TO-2047
IRF450IRIRF450IR - N-CH 500v 14A TO-247N/A15
IRF530NIRF530 - N-CH 100V 17A TO-2208
IRF531IRF531 - N-CH 60V 14A TO-22013
IRF540NIRF540 - N-CH 100V 28A TO-2209
IRF640PBFIRF640 - N-CH 200v 18A TO-22048
IRF644PBFIRF644PBF - N-CH 250v 14A TO-22019
IRF720PBFIRF720PBF - N-CH 400V 3.3A TO-2207
IRF740PBFIRF740PBF - N-CH 400v 10A TO-22014
IRF820PBFIRF820PBF - N-CH 500v 2.5A TO-22013
IRF840PBFIRF840PBF - N-CH 500v 8A TO-2209
IRF9130IRF9130 - P-CH -100V 11A TO-20410
IRFB13N50APBFIRFB13N - N-CH 500v 14A TO-2007
IRFP254PBFIRFP254PBF - N-CH 250v 23A TO-2471
IRFP360PBFIRFP360PBF - N-CH 400V 23A TO-2201
IRFP460CIRFP460C - N-CH 500v 20A TO-3P14
IRLZ24NPBFIRLZ24N - N-CH 55v 18A TO-22016
IPP055N03L GMosFet N Ch 30v 50A75
STP6NC60STP6NC60 - N-CH 600v 6A TO-2203

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