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Back to the Future Day – October 21st, 2015

It’s Back to the Future Day – the date Marty and Doc crashed the future in the second of the three time-hopping sci-fi adventure films.

Back to the Future

The sequel was released in November 1989.

BTTF_Time Clock

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…”

Well, We still do need roads. No flying cars available to the general consumer market.

Flying cars have always seemed to be just over the horizon. Boston-based Terrafugia, for example, promised to start selling a model in 2012, but is still trying to get its business off the ground.

Listen to the sound effects used for its automobiles as they pass, and you hear the near-silent hum that’s become associated with Toyota’s Marai & Prius and other electric and Hydrogen Fuel-powered four-wheelers.

BTTF mr_fusion

Throwing your garbage into a car’s Mr Fusion energy converter to provide it with power remains to be seen. But we have seen some progress on this level, there are a couple of Countries that actually burn the waste from society to create energy and power their electrical grids.

bttf delorean rear

Barcode license plates have not been used, But we have seen Toll Highway Transponders that can identify a vehicle passing through the “Toll Booth”.

BTTF Nike shoe

The Nike self lacing shoe’s. Not a reality yet, But there is a patent and they yet still make a debut on the store shelves in the near future.

bttf camera drone

Drones may only make fleeting appearances, but feel very “of the moment”.

Media organisations, including the BBC, have started deploying camera-enabled aircraft to get new perspectives on the news – even if they might not be comfortable sending them into the kind of crowded situation USA Today’s model films in the movie.

Smart glasses but, No smartphones…

smart glasses

We get little hint at what Marty Jr sees via his hi-tech specs in the film, and their brand, JVC, is a much smaller force in consumer electronics than it once was.

But several of today’s bigger names are betting on various forms of the tech, whether it’s Microsoft’s Hololens, Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality head set or version two of Google Glass.


The film’s biggest miss, however, is arguably its lack of a smartphone.

Marty Jr is even seen using an AT&T payphone at one point – all the more ironic since the company was first to offer the iPhone.


There were a lot of other hit and misses when it came to predicting the future and the technology that could be available. But if you think about it, many of these inventions came to be reality mainly because of the great imaginations from these film makers who have inspired our generation to actually make these technologies a real thing.

As a society, I think we owe these film makers and writers a BIG THANKS for imagining all these ideas. We also owe a BIG THANKS for the engineers who grew up watching these film and became inspired to to make them happen.

If you haven’t already, Pull out your Back to the Future Trilogy and enjoy it!

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