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IR Obstacle Detector Module

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Reflective Obstacle Sensor

The sensor has a I/R LED and a I/R detecting photo transistor.
Transistor is connected to a LM393 voltage comparator IC with adjustable trigger level.
The detection distance is a function of target reflectivity and shape.
The LED indicator turns on when an object is detected (Output switches Active LOW).
The output can be connected directly to a microcontroller port or add a driver transistor to the output, & it could switch a relay or other loads exceeding 20mA.
Power: 3.3V to 5V
Supply Current < 1mA (LEDs off)
LEDs: 2: Red for Power and Green for Detection
Output: Digital TTL Current sink 20mA, 10K Pull-up
Connections: 3Pin, .1in. Pitch Header.


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