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Getting OPEN for Business Again

 Well, It’s been about 1 year since I had to shut the door to the shop.


As a lot of my customers know, My family had some hard times last year with my father becoming ill with a very aggressive cancer. Things began to move swiftly as we started the barrage of radiation and chemotherapy therapy treatments. Along with those treatments comes a hefty price as well.


     My parents along with most retirees are on a fixed income and could not afford the costs of the treatments and medications. Unfortunately at the time the money I made with the store was not sufficient enough to help with my fathers compounding medical bills. Therefore I had to go look for some stable good paying work to help offset the cost of the medical treatments. Unfortunately the treatments did not help my father get better and he passed away in June of 2017.


     At this point in time, I am trying to relaunch the retail store. The ONLINE Store is back up and can be used to order products and have them shipped out. Currently I am posing weeking hours to have the shop open for my customers and in time hopefully will be able to transition back to managing the store full time through the week also.


Currently I am committing to having the Store open on the weekends.

Posted Weekend Hours:

Saturdays – 10 am – 6 pm.

Sundays – 10 am – 2 pm.

     As things change and more hours become available for me to be at the shop more, I will be posting updates here.

     If you are needing to find out if I have items or can get items that are not listed on my site,

Please feel free to use my Contact Form and submit a request.


     Thanks to all my customers in the past who have supported, I look forward to seeing everyone again and look forward to meeting all my new customers soon.



John – Owner

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