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Arduino Pro Mini 5V Enhanced MCU


Arduino Pro Mini Board

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Arduino Pro Mini Clone with headers & Wider Voltage Range.

Get the same power as the UNO, or Nano in a low cost and small footprint.
Features a Atmega328P, 8bit, 16mHz processor, built in 5V regulator, 8 analog inputs and up to 14 digital I/O pins. This module does not have a USB connector.
There are 5 dedicated 100 mil spaced pads for connecting the FTDI cable (DTR,TXO,RXI,VCC,GND) or a USB/TTLconverter module. The ProMini is ideal for use after you have perfected your idea on a Nano or Uno and want to embed it in the final project.
Intended for advanced users. 1st. time Users should take advantage of the Arduino Nano to gain skills.
Information & IDE are available @
The pre loaded Bootloader, allows Programming with an (off board) USB to TTL converter or a FTDI Adapter

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