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Arduino BlueBoard PCB


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Arduino BlueBoard Bare PCB

This PCB is great for making more permanent embedded projects. It’s a clone that acts just like an Arduino, and works with the latest Arduino software.

This is the PCB only, You can order all the components necessary to fully populate this board to have a fully functioning Breadboard friendly arduino.

Since this design doesn’t include a USB chip, you’ll want an FTDI USB 232-TTL cable or adapter.

Specifications: The PCB has all the same pin outs as a standard arduino UNO.

  • Designed to plug into a breadboard for easy and clean prototyping, no messy long jumper wires or Embed this board into any permanent design.
  • Petite size, only 3″ x 0.8″ (75mm x 20mm)
  • All ‘standard’ pins are brought out – Digital 0 thru 13, Analog 0 thru 5, ARef, 5V, Ground, Vin and Reset
  • 2 LEDs, green power and red “pin 13” just like the Arduino!
  • Available as a low cost kit with standard parts, so its never out of stock
  • All through-hole parts are easy to solder
  • Reset button
  • 6-pin standard ICSP header
  • Standard 2.1mm DC jack (just like the original) with 5V regulator to run on 7V-17V power
  • 1N4001 diode protects against using incorrect wall adapter
  • 6-pin header at the end for a USB-TTL cable
  • Auto-reset capability when used with a USB-TTL cable

Does not include any components, pick those up in our shop as needed!

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